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MMM is a beautiful home environment to send your child. Ms. Parvin and Ms. Pareesa always keep parents at ease and give you the constant reassurance you may need in regards to leaving your child.

The school is like one large family.

My son has prospered here; he is only 3 years old and can name the 9 planets, 7 continents, 4 different clouds, etc. Culturally he is aware of other countries, ethnicities, and traditions. This will only continue to make him develop into a more well-rounded individual.

Material is presented to the children in a way that makes them love to learn.

The school setting itself is something we have all dreamed for our children. Besides being a beautiful home environment, its grounds are surrounded with the beauty of nature. There are enormous trees and pretty flowers all around of which the children explore and learn about.

MMM is the answer to my prayers, when I prayed to find a special, loving, educational environment for my child.

Parents of a 3-yr-old boy
An MMM family since Oct 2004

Our son started at MMM when he was 8 months old. We are very happy with our son's progress since he started at MMM. Ms. Parvin and her staff provide excellent care along with lots of love and great home-cooked food. The environment, both within the classrooms and outside in the playgrounds, is fun and safe.

I am amazed at how much our son has learned in the past few months. He used to be a fussy eater but now sits happily at the table and enjoys his food. He socializes well with the other children. He has learned simple yet important habits such as putting his toys away after he is done.

We appreciate the level of commitment and love for children demonstrated by Ms. Parvin, Ms. Alicia, and the rest of the staff. MMM is truly a home away from home for our son.

Parents of an 18-month-old boy
An MMM family since Oct 2007

I chose MMM after looking at several Montessori schools in the area. I was immediately impressed by Ms. Parvin and Ms. Pareesa and I loved the homey yet educational environment they could provide. MMM is a wonderful, loving, educational, stimulating environment. I am always amazed at the variety of subjects my son learns about. He has grown immensely since he has been at MMM and I know that his growth has been amplified by his time at MMM.
Mother of a 4 1/2-yr-old boy
An MMM family since April 2007

MMM is a wonderful place for children. It is a loving, safe home. I know that every day our son is in their care he will play with his friends, learn from his environment, enjoy the outdoors, challenge his mind and always return to us happy.
Parents of a 2 1/2-yr-old boy
An MMM family since Apr 2006

Searching for the right preschool and kindergarten could be overwhelming and very time-consuming. It took us a year of searching a experimenting with various preschools to find the one "MMM" where our child would get the appropriate attention and education. MMM is truly a great school where children get personalized care, attention, a great education based on a greatly-developed curriculum, fun when learning, and play on wonderful playgrounds. The teachers are just exceptional!!! I am very glad that I found MMM, because in just 1 1/2 years at MMM, our son was able to complete the kindergarten curriculum and earn early acceptance into 1st grade. This is the school where our 3-yr-old daughter will be attending.
Parents of a 5 1/2-yr-old boy
An MMM family since June 2007

Going back to work after my daughter was born was very difficult. However, the staff at MMM worked to make the transition easier for us and provided wonderful care to my daughter. Thank you Ms. Alicia, Ms. Parvin, and Ms. Pareesa!
Mother of a 20-month-old girl
An MMM family since Feb 2007

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